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Servicing Canberra and the surrounding region.

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We can design your entire lighting control system to meet any requirements


MLCI have extensive experience in lighting control systems, we can assist you to achieve the best returns from your new or existing system, including advice on upgrade paths.


MLCI supplies the latest in lighting control technologies


MLCI are able to service new and legacy lighting control systems


MLCI can commission your lighting control system from start to finish

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About MLCI.

MLCI was started in 2019 by Dale Martin, after a number of years working for a local electrical contractor managing their Lighting Controls department, he realised a significant gap existed in the local market for an independent lighting controls contractor.

At the time, almost all contractors who were able to offer advanced lighting control solutions did so internally, and often didn’t make those services available to other contractors at a competitive rate. MLCI, after being offered the opportunity to be the exclusive distributor for the latest DALI-2 zencontrol system, was created to fill that gap and offer all contractors an independent, competitive solution, to meet the requirements of most modern new building specification requirements.

Using our years of experience in commercial and domestic lighting control systems, MLCI is able to offer the latest, and most cost effective lighting control, emergency monitoring, and building automation solutions to maximise energy efficiency and building occupant comfort.


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