Evelyn Scott School

Bielski St, Denman Prospect80,000m2 (Approx.) Campus


Controller Installation


Martin Donnelly Pty Ltd
A view of a room with overhead lighting

Martin Donnelly, as the electrical contractor for Joss Constructions, engaged MCLI to design, supply, and commission a campus wide lighting control system with a focus on usability, integration, and security.

An exit sign

The latest DALI-2 technology from zencontrol was chosen because of its advanced control and monitoring features, its cloud based interface, and its advanced security features.

A floor plan diagram

MLCI supplied detailed design drawings for the contractors to use on site, supplied the zencontrol inputs devices, and commissioned the system. Most importantly, MLCI worked closely with zencontrol in Brisbane and the schools IT support provider SSIT to have the zencontrol ethernet controllers security cleared and connected to the education departments network.

A photo of a long corridor with lighting.

This further improves the security of the cloud connected system by placing the controllers behind the robust firewall of their network.

Using the existing network also meant that a separate lighting control network didn’t need to be installed, saving on costs. The lighting control system also interfaces to each buildings BMS to trigger extraction fans in areas like toilets and wet areas.


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